Perkin Elmer GeneAmp PCR 2400


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Reference #: AJG0408005

Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer

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System 2400 comes standard with a heated lid for oil-free PCR and a 24-well sample block. Fast ramping and cooling with precise temperature control and across-the-block uniformity allow high-quality, reproducible reactions. The graphical interface simplifies and speeds up programming. The mode 2400 is a 24 well sample block machines that utilize a refrigerated liquid to cool the block and has a heated lid for oil-free operation. The 2400 has been used in molecular biology research for several years and is a proven performer. The2400 has a graphical interface which enables simple fast programming. Ramp speed can be user-defined as well as auto increment / decrement parameters. These allow sophisticated PCR techniques such as RT-PCR, AFLP, cycle-sequencing etc to be performed on the GeneAmp 2400.

Rapid analysis using PCR for molds and mildew.