Oxford Lab Products Benchmate 6 Place Tube Roller



Reference #: OXTR6

Manufacturer: Oxford

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New. Oxford LP Benchmate Tube Roller, comes with 6 rollers, has a tube capacity of up to 15 x 7mL blood tubes

  • Gentle rocking and rolling motion with a tilt angle of ±3 degrees for optimum mixing.
  • Save up to 9 programs with the handy user programmable feature, saving you time.
  • Adjustable timer range from 1 to 999 mins, or infinite mode.
  • Variable speed setting ranging from 10 to 80 rpm.
  • Pulse mode function, consisting of an alternating clockwise and counter-clockwise rolling action, for more vigorous mixing and rolling requirements.
  • Removable and autoclavable nylon rollers for quick and easy cleaning to meet sterility needs.
  • Can be used in incubators at temperatures of up to 40˚C and in cold rooms at temperatures as low as 5˚C.
  • Max loading capacity of up to 2 kg.
  • Digital display and control panel (ideal for GLP laboratories).
  • Maintenance free brushless DC motor for quiet operation and long life.
  • Adjustable roller spacing to hold different diameters tubes.