Life Technologies Electrophoresis (A25977) Mini Gel Tank


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Reference #: LT2302028

Manufacturer: Life Technologies

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Each Mini Gel Tank can accommodate up to two gels per run. The unique tank design enables convenient side-by-side gel loading and enhanced viewing during use. Optimized conditions using constant voltage allow for Bolt™ Bis-Tris Plus gels to be run in approximately 35 minutes. Run times may vary depending on buffer conditions and power supplies being used.

The Mini Gel Tank offers: 

  • Versatility—compatible with NuPAGE™, Novex™, and Bolt mini gels
  • Easy sample loading—forward-facing well configuration
  • Simultaneous visualization of both gels—streamlined, side-by-side tank configuration
  • Simple monitoring of prestained protein markers— with white tank stand
  • Less running buffer required—two separate gel chambers, so you only need to load sufficient buffer for each gel to the specified fill line
  • High performance—same great results you've been getting with the XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell and original Bolt Mini Gel Tank