Molecular Devices SpectraMax Gemini XS Plate Reader


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The SPECTRAmax GEMINI XS Microplate Spectrofluorometer from Molecular Devices is a microplate reader capable of detecting signal from either fluorescence or luminescence based assays. This device has all the features of a standard microplate reader, such as temperature control and shaker, and its sensitivity allows you to obtain precise and reproducible measurements even when dealing with low enzymatic activities.

Perhaps the most important feature of the SPECTRAmax GEMINI XS is that it uses two monochromators, instead of filters, to select the desired wavelengths. This allows the reader to be set in 1-nm increments, as opposed to the 25-nm increments typical of filters, over an excitation/emission range of 250 to 850 nm. The bandwidth for both the excitation and emission monochromators is 9 nm. The combination of setting the best possible wavelength and having a relatively tight bandwidth results in good sensitivity and specificity for any given probe. This also means that you can always choose the best excitation/emission wavelength pair for the fluorochrome of your choice. It is worth noting that the SPECTRAmax GEMINI XS can read both luminescence and fluorescence, the latter as an end-point, in a time-resolved fashion, or by scanning the spectra. The instrument is managed by SOFTmax PRO Software that is available for either the Mac or PC.