Thermo Scientific Vari-Mix Platform Rocker


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Reference #: F09047113Q

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

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Utilize the steep angle rocking of the Thermo Scientific Vari-Mix Platform Rocker for applications such as hybridization, blotting and staining or destaining gels. Variable speed control provides a gentle to vigorous wave motion. The built-in timer makes it easy to perform time-dependent studies.


  • Large white nonskid rubber mixing platform easily adjusts angle of motion
  • Timer can be set for continuous or timed operation
  • Rocker can be used in many different laboratory applications
  • Platform removes easily for autoclaving and allows easy viewing of contents
  • All finishes are chemical-resistant and easy to clean
  • Optional double-tier platform doubles mixing surface

Compatible with:

  • Double-tier platform (AY797X1)
  • Adjustable Labware Platform (AY491X1A)