Logical Devices Chip Master 6000 Intelligent Universal Programmer


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Plasma ashing is the process of removing photoresist from an etched wafer. Ashing is performed with fluorine or oxygen and is almost always used with a single gas plasma. The versatile PE-75 comes with two gases installed for other cleaning and ashing purposes.

Electrode Configuration: One Horizontal (9"Wx10"D + 5.5" Clearance)

Generator: 400W 50KHz Continuously Variable Power Supply

Gas Control: Two 0-25cc/min Rotometers with Precision Needle Valves

Control System: PLC-Based Keypad Input System with Alphanumeric Display; Stores One Recipe for Automatic Process Sequencing

Chamber Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Chamber Dimensions: 10.75” Deep x 10” Round

Unit Dimensions: 18"x19"x24"

Unit Weight: 90lbs


Vacuum System Not Included:

Vacuum Gauge: 1-2000 mT

Vacuum Pump: 5CFM 2-Stage Direct Drive Oil Pump (Oxygen Service – Krytox Charged)