Agilent Flowmeter ADM2000


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The ADM2000 provides continuous, real time measurements of NON-CORROSIVE AND NONFLAMMABLE GAS FLOWS. Unlike bubble flowmeters, the ADM2000 operates without liquids, bubbles or glass parts. The ADM2000 provides two different types of flow measurement: volumetric flow (mL/min) and mass flow (sccm). Mass flow values are calculated from the volumetric measurements by correcting for temperature and pressure.


  • Accuracy ± 3%
  • Operating temperature range—0 to 45ºC for the instrument, -70 to 135ºC for the tubing
  • Real time, split ratio measurement
  • Mass flow measurements—measure flow rate, independent of atmospheric pressure and temperature (calculated)
  • 9V battery and AC power adapter (120 or 220 VAC)