Alpha Innotech Red Gel Imaging System SA-100


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Alpha Innotech Red Imaging System is a quality UV transilluminator and white light imager for capturing images of stained DNA and protein gels. The instrument takes up the same bench area as a flatbed scanner. The unit has built-in software and a user friendly touch screen interface allowing the Red Imager to be a stand alone unit that does not require a computer connection. This cuts down on the required bench space and the need for yet another computer in the laboratory. Images can be saved to a network through a LAN connection, a USB flash drive or printed directly by connecting a digital thermo printer.

The Red Imaging System captures quality images of stained gels with minimal adjustments. The operator can select the illumination source (UV transilluminator or white light), aperture, zoom, focus and exposure time. The simple interface makes image acquisition quick and easy. The imaging system gives you a numerical output for the exposure time but it would be beneficial to also have numerical outputs for the aperture, zoom and focus settings. The Red Imaging System produces excellent images of protein gels stained with fluorescent UV excitable stains and fluorescent DNA stains using the UV transilluminator. When imaging colorimetric stains, the Red Imager-acquired images are of similar quality to a flatbed scanner. The image is captured in about half the time required to adjust levels and scan images on a flatbed scanner. The red Imaging System uses LED white lights mounted in the back of the instrument to illuminate the gels which results in a slight exposure gradient across the gel.