Quantus™ Fluorometer


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  • Easy, intuitive controls.
  • Calculates concentration automatically.
  • Store the last 50 readings and transfer data in real time.
  • Recommended for NGS and compatible with Illumina (HiSeq/miSeq), Roche (454) and LifeTech (ion Torrent and ion Proton) Systems.

Two fluorescent channels: 

  • Red: Ex: 640nm shortpass (wavelengths up to 640nm); Em: 660–720nm
  • Blue: Ex: 495nm shortpass (wavelengths up to 495nm); Em: 510–580nm

Easily customize sample names, view concentration results, raw values, sample volumes and a quality check.

Compact size at only 22.7 x 11.5 x 4.5cm

Large 3-inch liquid crystal display screen