Wyatt Technology Dawn EOS Enhanced Optical System


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DAWN EOS combines the proven features of photometers, nephelometers, turbidimeters, and "goniometers" into a single light scattering instrument. It can be used as a detector for continuous-flow (GPC/SEC/HPSEC) detection or as a stand-alone unit in a batch or micro-batch mode.

The read head and the laser tube of the DAWN anchor to the base plate, and the flow cell and manifolds bolt directly into the read head to provide a single, stable optical bench.

The laser beam is aimed into the flow cell, and passes in the same direction as the flowing stream. The windows that let light pass through the flow cell are recessed in the manifolds, minimizing sample volumes and stray light. The 18 discrete photodetectors spaced around the flow cell enable simultaneous measurements over a range of angles (typically 15-160°, depending on solvent/glass refractive indices).

The GAs laser in the DAWN EOS is more powerful and more tightly focused than the laser used in the older DAWN DSP. As a result, the data collected has higher signal to noise ratios. In addition, the laser no longer requires an alignment step.

A nitrogen purge valve is included on all models of DAWN EOS. In addition to preventing condensation in a cooled instrument's read head, the nitrogen purge keeps the flow cell and read head cleaner at all temperatures.