Wyatt Technology Optilab DSP Interferometric Refractometer


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OPTILAB DSP (Digital Signal Processing) measures the difference in refractive index between the current liquid sample and a liquid, usually a clean solvent, previously stored as a reference. The refractive index is measured at a fixed wavelength determined by a narrow-band optical filter. The refractive index data can be read from the front panel display, the analog output channels, and through the serial port interface. Since the refractive index of liquids depends critically on temperature, the instrument has temperature control systems for both the sample cell and the optics. The cell temperature is set by the user.

The front panel provides push-button control of all the necessary OPTILAB DSP functions and displays both the current operating mode of the instrument and selected data. The main front panel display is a 4-digit LED readout. It can display one of five different quantities, which can be selected by the up and down arrow keys to the right of the display.