E-C Apparatus EC 6000p Electrophoresis Power Supply


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Reference #: NV01031006

Manufacturer: E-C Apparatus

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Suitable for submarine electrophoresis, SDS PAGE, DNA sequencing and multiple step IEF. All models offer constant voltage, constant current and constant power operating modes, with automatic cross-over Programmable Power Supplies. Allows up to 20 programs to be stored each having up to 10 different steps. Smart Key programming eliminates confusion and the need to refer to the operating manual. Four output connectors allow multiple chambers to be run simultaneously. All models feature an auto restart function in case of temporary power interruption.

Max Voltage: 6000 V

Max Current: 200 mA

Max Power: 200 W

Output Modes: Constant power, constant voltage or constant current with automatic cross-over

Regulation: 1%

Accuracy: ±1.5% full scale for each display

Number of Output Terminals: Four recessed sets of 4 mm sockets (female)