Fisherbrand 150 Handheld Homogenizer Motor


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Reference #: LT0320003

Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific

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The 150 Homogenizer is a high performance, light weight tissue homogenizer designed to reliably process samples, quickly and efficiently.

  • Designed for comfortable handheld use, but can be mounted to a motor stand for lengthier processing
  • Interchangeable quick connect rotor stator generator probes provide flexibility to process samples from 200µL to 100mL
  • Stainless-steel probes (5mm to 10mm diameter), sold separately, are designed for long life and are easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Plastic probes virtually eliminates the risk of cross contamination and carryover between samples and can be cleaned for reuse in most cases
  • Speed: Variable from 5000 to 35,000rpm
  • Power: 150w max
  • Sound: <72dB