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Monitor circulating tumor DNA in plasma. Profile low abundance tumor mutations in tissue.

OnTarget is a highly sensitive, multiplexed mutation detection assay that is ideally suited for accurately quantifying actionable tumor mutations in tissue or plasma.

Boreal’s OnTarget system delivers quantitative sample-to-answer analysis of up to 100 mutations in a single assay; even from degraded or limited mass specimens, without sample splitting or loss in sensitivity.

System Specifications


Plasma, FFPE and fresh frozen tissue, cells, or previously extracted DNA

Minimal input mass requirement - assay is sensitive to single molecules of mutant alleles


15 ng DNA, sensitivity to 0.1% abundance

1.5 ng DNA, sensitivity to 1% abundance


150 ng DNA, sensitivity to 0.01% abundance

15 ng DNA, sensitivity to 0.1% abundance


Run time: 60 - 90 minutes

Output: 25 µL


  • Detect mutations as low as 0.1% abundance from only 15ng of tissue DNA; or 1% abundance with just 1.5ng of DNA
  • Profile tumors from FFPE and fresh frozen tissue with minimal input mass; the OnTarget assay is sensitive to single copies of the mutant allele

Circulating tumor DNA in plasma

  • Quantify mutation profiles as low as 0.01% abundance in plasma for non-invasive monitoring of tumor burden, therapy response, and minimal residual disease
  • Detect mutations present in early stage cancers

OnTarget System: Provided with reagent kits and standard or customized panels, OnTarget integrates with Illumina’s MiSeq personal sequencer to accurately quantify low abundance tumor mutations in tissue or plasma.

The OnTarget assay

Assay workflow: DNA from tissue or plasma is extracted and quantified prior to labeling with individual barcodes. The OnTarget enrichment kit allows multiple samples to be processed in parallel through enrichment, library construction and sequencing. A data analysis tool is provided to calculate allele frequency and limit of detection for each mutation.

OnTarget removes the normal, or wild-type allele, early in the mutation detection workflow, thus eliminating false positive errors and decreasing the number of reads required per sample. In effect, OnTarget converts low tumor abundance samples into high tumor content samples, making detection on Illumina’s MiSeq platform up to 100 times more sensitive.

A highly sensitive, quantitative assay

Boreal has developed a sensitive sample-to-answer assay for mutation detection by combining OnTarget enrichment with next generation sequencing. Using methods for DNA enrichment that have been optimized for detection of low abundance nucleic acids, OnTarget can process limited DNA from tissue or plasma with sensitivity to single copies of mutant alleles.

OnTarget can also detect short or degraded DNA fragments from FFPE and plasma that would be missed by other methods – accessing more signal for maximum sensitivity to low abundance alleles.

A highly multiplexed assay

OnTarget can analyze hundreds of unique targets in parallel without sample splitting or loss in assay sensitivity – critical for detection of mutations in samples with limited signal