SureBeads Magnetic Beads for Immunoprotection


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Reference #: NCBI2211024

Manufacturer: Bio-Rad

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SureBeads™ Protein G Magnetic Beads and Magnetic Racks are designed for quick and easy immunoprecipitation (IP) and protein complex pull-down. SureBeads Magnetic Beads contain a superparamagnetic core, which enables rapid and highly efficient immunoprecipitation without the need for centrifugation.

Bead size: 2.4–3.4 µm

Bead magnetic content: 14–28%

Typical IgG binding capacity: ≥6 µg/mg

Solid content in slurry: 1.0–1.2%

Protein A/G content: 9–12 µg/mg

Dispersion medium: TBS + 0.05% Tween 20 + 0.09% sodium azide